Friday, 15 June 2012

Please (Poem -1996)

Help me, 
Can't you see, 
How this is making me feel? 
You don't listen, 
You don't care, 
Why is life so unfair? 

You don't know the tears I've cried, 
In a silent 
Empty room, 
I wake up to loneliness, 
There has to be gold, 
At the end of the rainbow, 
Tell me so, 
There has to be a way to let go. 

I must wake up, 
Find sunshine, 
Not rain, 
Don't put me through this again. 

Life is better than before, 
I've found an open door, 
Thank you for making me see, 
There's something special, 
Deep inside me…… 

This poem was written when I was 14, nine weeks after I came home from hospital after my surgery. I was terribly ill with my first bout of clinical depression, and exhausted by physio. Once again, my writing was there for me. It can either be therapy or an escape. I would be lost without it. 

I think of all the poems I have written over the years, this is the most special to me. I was surprised when it won a local 'World Aids Day' poetry competition in November of that year, It took the 14 - 16 year old age group prize, and then went on to take the overall prize as well. I was stunned, and proud. It's a night I have never forgotten.

Below is the cutting from our school magazine. (Dated December '96)

For my family.

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  1. I was surprised to see there were no comments on this post Helen, so I'm gonna kick them off :o)

    This is a fabulous poem, straight from the heart, the fact that you were able to express yourself so beautifully, and articulately at such a young age makes it )for me) all the more special. I love your writing!

    Thanks so much for sharing

    Take care, Kimmie @stuckinscared x