Friday, 26 September 2014

Sending Britain to War (again) - A Facebook Rant - Shared

As I write this, Parliament has just decided to get Britain involved in the war against I.S. -('Islamic State).'

I realise it is highly complex and difficult situation, which no country, or leader of a country, wants to find themselves in, but for me, (and many others), the idea of Britain getting involved in this, sets off a lot of different thoughts.

I was told by a friend, that I should share this morning's Facebook update with you, exactly as I wrote it, because it 'captures everything'.

Yes, the friend was right, when she (also) said that it captures how 'indignant' I feel about this. 

So here it is:

'Oh yeah, because embarking on another war, is a really sensible idea! There isn't another way?! 

Well, FIND ONE! 

Violence solves nothing, and how can you be claiming to take the 'moral' high ground, when you're BOMBING them?! 


I know we have to protect ourselves, (to an extent), and help others, (IF we ARE actually helping), but this is NOT the answer!

Will the rich and powerful, who make the decision to 'go to war', end up paying for it? No, I highly doubt it! 

Funny how we can afford a war, but we have over a million people reliant on foodbanks, and we're cutting vital social security, and services for the disabled, ill, poor, and vulnerable...isn't it?!

Also, if you're so keen to go to war, Mr Cameron, maybe you should lead the troops in YOURSELF, or a member of your family, perhaps?!

Let's see how keen you would be, then!

Thank you. I'm done!'

War is war -and if it does go on for 'years, rather than months,' as has been stated, more lives will be lost, of under-equipped, (and overstretched troops), as well as innocent civilians! 

War is not the answer!


Friday, 19 September 2014

A Landmark Lost - Remembering 'The Ambassador Hotel'- Los Angeles

I want to tell you about the much loved, (and much missed), 'Ambassador Hotel' in Los Angeles.

I began researching the hotel, after I read about it, in the mid 1990's. To me, it was, (and still is), fascinating on many levels.

Not only was it an abandoned, decaying building, with unique, and beautiful features, but it held so much history, so much mystery, glamour, drama, and ghosts, of an era, long gone. 

My imagination was set on fire by the place.

The hotel opened in December 1929. It became popular with many of the Hollywood stars, of the 'golden age'.Anyone who was anyone, in L.A at that time, stayed here - from Presidents to actors, writers to artists. They stayed there, lived there, partied, romanced, - and died there.

The first Oscar ceremony took place in the ballroom, as did many afterwards.

Many Hollywood movies were filmed, within its walls, including, The Graduate.

Marilyn Monroe got her first modelling job here, when she was simply, Norma Jean Baker. Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand were just a few of the greats who performed at the world famous 'Coconut Grove' nightclub, within the hotel.

Much later, it was there, (in the pantry of the hotel), that Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated, in June, 1968.

After those tragic events, the hotel struggled, and that was compounded, by a sharp decline in the surrounding neighbourhood.

The hotel, with its beautiful art deco features, staircases, and ever present echoes of Hollywood's history, finally closed its doors, at the end of 1989.

Between then, and its demolition, it continued to be used as a filming location.In fact, the last thing to be filmed here, was 'Bobby' - a film about the lives of (fictionalised) hotel staff, and Robert Kennedy's last campaign .The hotel was already being demolished, as the last scenes were shot.

I wish it was still standing, and I wish I could've gone there, to soak up the atmosphere, and explore the halls.

As with many places, this was so much more than just a building, and it should have been treasured, and looked after.

History is valuable, and I think sometimes, when money is involved, it is easy to forget that, and by the time you've remembered, it's often too late.

Images: Various - From 'The Ambassador Hotel - Los Angeles' (Facebook page). See link below:



Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why I Back the 'Yes' Campaign - Explained.

I was just asked, why I've written something to back the Scottish 'yes' campaign, (see earlier blog post, here: http://to-helen.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/a-note-to-people-of-scotland_24.html ) - even though I'm in England, and I don't have a vote?

The thing is, if you know me at all, you shouldn't have to ask!

There are many reasons why I think Scotland should be allowed to make their own choices, but for me, the main priority is Scotland's disabled, ill, and vulnerable people. 

They are being demonised, vilified, lied about, and hurt, by this government, (just like the rest of us are).

Here, we have to wait until May, for the chance to get rid of a government that is destroying our lives, and driving many to an early death. Scotland has the chance to be free from that much sooner - and it could save lives!

People may think that I'm being short-sighted, and not thinking about wider issues, and perhaps they're right - but for me, setting people free from the pain that we are going through, is the most important thing.

The fact is, (and it is a fact), that the Labour government in England, has not done what it could have, (and should have), to protect disabled, ill and vulnerable people, from this government's cruel, and damaging policies.

They have so many chances to do more, offer alternatives, and help us. They haven't taken them.

I am not anti Labour. I don't align myself with any political party. I do align myself with fellow disabled, (and ill) people, and those that aren't being respected and treated the way they deserve to be - by anyone.

Scotland has a chance to create a fairer society. No one is denying that there will be things that need to be ironed out, and there are decisions that still need to be made, - but nothing good, ever comes easy.

If they don't take this chance to change things now, they will lose it forever.

Monday, 1 September 2014

While You're at the Shops... (AKA - 'The Shopping List)

Blank Cd's please, 
Pick up the spare house key, 
A jar of Peanut Butter 
And some stuff to clean the gutter! 

Don't forget Tomato Sauce, 
Or the Tea Bags of course. 
Dad says 
Fetch his Chicken Pie, 
And those screws he meant to buy! 

While you're at it, 
Writing Paper 
(You can take it 'round to Granny later), 
Could you pick up a TV mag? 
And Dad says don't forget his fags! 

While you're down there, 
Put the lottery on, 
This time don't get the numbers wrong! 
Get some polish for Cindy's shoes, 
Find a cure for Andy's flu!

Granny rang, 
Don't forget her Gin, 
Or Plastic Bags for the kitchen bin. 

Thank you 'petal' - you're a good son. 
Don't be late, 
Love and kisses, 

(Just to clarify: In the UK -'fags' = cigarettes -obviously)


Entirely fictional. I had fun with this one!
Image: Google