Thursday, 18 December 2014

'Are You Always This Much of a Bitch'? (Facebook Status Update)

'I can always tell who are the people that know me best. Those that don't are the ones that ask me if I'm 'always this tough', or 'this much of a bitch?!' 

Those that know me best will know that I'm not a bitch at all, but I will fight and argue for something I believe in. 

Those that know me best are probably aware that I keep a lot of things bottled up and private. They come out when I write, or when I need to let off steam a little! 

In fact, (without blowing my own trumpet), I have spent my life being there for others, caring, picking up the pieces, and offering advice whenever asked. That's who I am, and what I do.

I can see the bigger picture in terms of what happens in the world, and I'll do my best to make a difference to it - even if it's only a small one. 

I've campaigned on disability rights issues, since I was 8 years old. I don't know what it is in me - it's hard to put a name to it, but it's there, and I can't imagine being any different. I can't imagine being one of those people who lives their lives in a selfish bubble! 

I'm not perfect. I'm mouthy sometimes, and I snap when I'm in pain, frustrated, or tired. I wish it were possible to make the world see what it feels like to be in pain, to be so limited, and to feel so heartbroken sometimes, that I can barely breathe. On those days, Cerebral Palsy SUCKS!

I want a normal life so badly. I want to have a job and be a Mum, but I can't have those things - through no fault of my own.

Usually I'm proud to be me and I love what I do. Most days, I can accept my disability, and I like being different. I treasure the empathy and the insight that I feel it has helped to give me.

Other days, I feel crushed and hopeless...and angry. It tightens in my chest, knots my throat, and makes my stomach flip over and over. Few people have seen me in that state...and I like it that way! If you have that's good. I trust you!

In short, whatever this government tries to tell you, whatever lies it decides to spin, however many doctored figures it decides to throw your way, please remember that every single one of us is a person. 

We have thoughts and feelings and we hate what's happening to us. We did not ask for our lives or our struggles...and right now we need your support, more than ever. 

Thank you for reading.'


Monday, 15 December 2014

Campaigning - The Reality - (What Needs to be Said)

I notice there are plenty of people, who tell me not to give up campaigning, but very few give what I feel, and why I feel it, the time of day.

This is not something which is just 'Helen being difficult, again'.

This is a feeling which is real, and which is spreading among lifelong campaigners - that we aren't heard, and that the cause is rapidly becoming about egos, rather than people.

It's particularly hard for us 'lifers' - (those with lifelong disabilities), who can see a cause we LIVE, (and have lived, for many years) being used, to further ambitions.

When we criticise or speak out about this issue, we get accused, (by the self appointed hierarchy), or their minions, of being jealous, or creating divisions, where there aren't any - but, there are. 

All our years of experience, don't seem to matter, because there is a feeling amongst others, that 'lifers' should be 'used to it!'

The fact is, it is just as hard for us. It is possible to grieve for something you've never had - and it's heartbreaking, to know that you will NEVER have it!

Please don't belittle us, or tell us that what we're feeling, is somehow wrong, - it isn't.

Many lifelong campaigners, fought to pave the way, for what people (new to illness or disability), have now.

Many of us know different ways, of getting things done, and different strategies, to raise awareness of our situations, because we have had to do it - always.

It's not something we have come to, just because this government started treating disabled and ill people. like shit - and it's not something, that we will stop, when this government, finally goes! It is LIFE!

I don't mean to imply that people new to disability or illness, have it easy. I can't imagine what it must be like to have something, and lose it. It must be awful.

What I'm trying to say is that, to a certain extent, divisions are natural, because of the differences - and yes, we might be able to work together, if we found common ground, - but from my perspective, (and that of many more lifelong campaigners), that common ground, is difficult to find, while those with egos, (and ulterior motives), are making mistakes, and making it about themselves.

That isn't me being nasty, or bitchy, it's me, being honest, and trying to tell it, like it is.

I said a long time ago, that if things carried on the way they are, then a lot of lifers, and lifelong campaigners, would end up feeling awful, and unheard, and they'd quit. Unfortunately, I think that is starting to happen now. I might be one of them.

What it comes down to, is that no one should be, (or feel) excluded,because it needs all of us, to fight this government.

I tend to stay out of groups, not because I'm anti social, or rude, or that I feel I'm better than anyone else. It's just that I feel, some of the decisions, and 'group politics', are a distraction, from what I know I need to do.

Over time, as a campaigner, and as a person too, you get to know what is effective, and what works best, for you.

I'm not a difficult person, and I do listen to others - as most lifelong campaigners, do. We wouldn't be still doing this, if we didn't.

I know that, going into things with a tough,aggressive, 'in your face' approach, isn't the right way to do things. Actually, it just gets people's backs up, and it makes a difficult situation worse.

Equally, I know, that there are some groups and organisations, I feel we shouldn't be negotiating with, because (from experience), I know that, often, what you give them, can be used against you, and backfire.

There must be a different way, a middle way, but we won't find until people are really heard.

I'm not writing this to hurt anyone, or make things difficult, I'm writing this, because it hurts me so much, to see a cause I love and believe in, (and have done for twenty five years), changing beyond recognition, and not necessarily for the better.

I'm sick of crying over it all, and having a nasty, churning, feeling in my stomach. I have to say something - or I have to quit - and I'd rather not do the latter. 

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Best Day! (Written December 2013)

I've had the best day! 

It's amazing how, when you are at home most of the time, you get used to it. It gets to the point where the less you go out, the less you want to go out. 

Winter sunshine was pouring through our bedroom window, and there was a cold nip in the air. I was enjoying being snuggled up with him in the warmth of our bed, listening to the sounds of life outside. I could've stayed there all day. 

"Right!" he said suddenly, breaking the blissful peace, "Let's get up and go into town. If we hurry, we can get an early bus." 

I turned away and pulled the quilt tighter around me, "Oh, I don't think so, it's cold. We should stay in." 

He hauled the quilt off me, and the icy air instantly gave me goose bumps. 
"Come on. We could do some Christmas shopping, and put some colour back in your cheeks!" 

I could see I wasn't going to win this one, so I dragged myself out of bed, and dressed quickly. 

We got to the bus stop just in time. There weren't that many people on it at all, and as Colin read his book, I looked out of the window. 

A few houses are already decorated up in town. An inflatable Santa hung precariously from one window, like he had decided to jump to his death and then changed his mind at the last minute. 

There were lights around the windows of others, some of which had obviously been left on overnight, and could barely be seen against the light of day. I wondered why people did that? Surely turning them off before they went to bed would be more sensible, and besides, it would help the environment. But, I grinned, it is 'silly season' after all! 

The city centre had that lovely feeling of early morning quiet about it. There was a smell of McDonald's breakfast filling the air. I breathed it in, and smiled. People passed us. A college girl spoke on her mobile phone as she walked. Her conversation was lively and excited. I wondered briefly what she studied, and why she was so happy first thing in the morning! 

It's funny how when you pass people in the street, you don't actually 'see' them. Yesterday though, I did. It was almost as if I was seeing everything through fresh eyes. The colours seemed sharper, and I noticed little things, like a piece of paper floating on the wind, and a pigeon chasing stray bread. 

By the time we got to 'Thornton's' chocolate shop, I was already tired and hot from the effort of walking, so I sat back in the comfort of my wheelchair, and watched the world from a different height. You'd be surprised how many people look down on you, in more ways than one! 

Eventually, laden with tempting boxes of chocolates, we joined the queue that was already forming. The man in front of us had a hole in the pocket of his stonewashed jeans. It was at eye level for me, so I momentarily pondered how it came to be there. 

Maybe that is just the writer in me, always looking for the spark of a story, or maybe I had been stuck at home for longer than I realized! 

By lunchtime the city centre was crowded with Christmas shoppers. Everyone was in a rush, and was stepping around an old lady who was hobbling slowly with a stick. I felt for her. I've been there over and over again. 

The crowd of people behind you, all wishing you could move faster. You wish you could move faster! The worst thing about it is always the sighs if impatience that some people don't even bother to hide. Even with a disabled daughter, my Dad is sometimes guilty of that. 

Leaving the centre for a while, we walked up towards the 'Circus,' a curved row of Georgian town-houses away from the main street. Bath is a beautiful city, but, as with everything, you tend to take it for granted when it is so close to you. Today, though, I looked up. 

The sun was dancing on the beautiful architecture, bathing it in a golden glow. It was a lovely sight, and I was once again grateful for my 'fresh eyes'. 

For a while we sat on a bench underneath a tree, our gloved hands entwined and my head on his shoulder. I had one of those rare moments of perfect bliss, as I breathed in the biting air again. 

"Okay?" he said to me, squeezing my hand. 

"Oh, yeah!" I replied. 

It was a shame to move, but we had to. 

After picking up a few more odds and ends, and nearly forgetting wrapping 
paper, we walked back towards the bus station. 

By now, it was dusk and the Christmas lights brightened the street. It was like a wonderland, and I looked around me, I felt the first pangs of the Christmas spirit. Despite the cold air, I was warm. 

Once home, we sat on the sofa with steaming mugs of tea. I took a sip and let the heat drift down my throat. 

"Your cheeks are all rosy!" he said, grinning. 
"Fresh air!" I said, smiling back at him, "Thank you for dragging me out today." 
"I'm glad I did too, it's done you the world of good." 

He was right, it has. 

(Image: Bath - Christmas Lights - Google)



Monday, 8 December 2014

How Do We Fight?

I feel so angry and hurt, that I've been crying, again.

I hope that one day, disabled and ill will get justice, for everything we have been put through, and for all the people that have died, at as a result of what this government have done to us.

Today is not a good day, for disabled and ill people, (with the 'Independent Living Fund' closure being ruled lawful, and the ruling about priority access to buses, going against us),  but neither is any other day, under this government. It just feels like a couple more kicks, while we're down.

Even the law doesn't protect us, because when the government doesn't like any victory we get, they change the law retroactively, (which means everything that went before, no longer stands).

It's one thing after another, after another, and then alongside that, the media, does the government's work for them, and tells us that we are any variant of 'scrounging scum', relentlessly!

It's only a matter of time, before it all starts to rip apart your self esteem. In my case, I've spent my life trying to build it up, because I don't have much. What I do have, is fragile.

It's not just the impact of what's happening to us now, that hurts and frightens me. It's the thought, that when this government is gone, (which it will be, one day), it's the long term campaigners, that will be left to pick up the pieces.

We'll have to work even harder, to bring back the cause, even to where it was, before the damage was done, - in more ways than one.

How do you do that? Where do you start?

This government has told the public that we're all 'fakers' and 'scroungers.' They have vilified us, and made us second class citizens, if that! They have made people view us, with doubt and suspicion, rather than understanding, and compassion.

Everything I, (and so many others) have done, over the years, to help people understand disability, and view disabled people positively (and as equally as we had been), is being eradicated,by a government with malicious, cruel, twisted, and heartless ideology.

They've taken the cause back thirty years - if not more, and if they win again next year, they will keep doing it!
People like me will keep feeling unwanted, keep feeling that they are a burden, and they will keep being victims of disability hate crime. I dread to think how many more of us will die, or commit suicide, if this is allowed to carry on.

Sometimes, I feel so hurt, and angry, that I can barely breathe! It's all I can do, not to sit and scream my head off!

One of the hardest things, is getting people to listen to what the truth, actually is. This government has been so effective in turning people against us, with a drip, drip, drip, of lies, and (ahem), 'massaged' fraud figures!

They don't want people to know the full extent of what welfare reform has done. and they've stopped counting our deaths! What does that tell you?!

I miss the days, when disability rights campaigning was about fighting access issues, changing attitudes,and being positive. I didn't know when I was well off! None of us did.

If you had told the little eight year old girl, I was when I started campaigning, that twenty five years later, things would be worse, rather than better, she wouldn't have believed you, and I wish it wasn't true now, but it is!
Now, disability rights campaigning is about saving lives! It's about playing 'cat and mouse',with politicians that, (largely), don't care, (because we don't fit the twisted ideal). It's about reading policy, and thinking constantly about the best way, to solve the next problem.

It causes tension with your family, and rifts with your friends, because they just don't understand that this is something that IS happening, and that I, (we), have no choice, but to fight! If we don't, no one else will.
The anxiety and fear, (caused by the Work Compatibility Assessment, and benefit sanctions), that disabled and ill people feel, now, is so great, that you think about it,and you feel it, even when you try, with every fibre of your being, not to!
I want this to stop. I would give up, almost everything in the world, for this to stop!

Disabled, ill, and poor people, didn't ask for our lives. None of this is a choice, and yet, we are being punished for it, and being made to feel bad about ourselves, every day single day.
We can't take another five years of this government - at least, I know I can't.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Response to my MP -(RE: NHS Amendments and Powers Bill)

Dear Mr Rees-Mogg

Thank you for your letter, dated 2nd December, informing me that you were not in parliament to vote against the government's plans for the NHS, and that had you been able to attend, you would have voted in favour of proposals.

Given that you are a Tory, I cannot say I was surprised to hear of your position!

Thank you, also, for informing me that we have one of the best rated 'Circle' hospitals nearby, at Peasedown St John.

Whilst I am aware that they carry out NHS procedures, I wish to point out that should government 'amendments' be passed (at the second stage), the NHS, will suffer greatly - as no doubt, you are already aware!

I also wish to point out, that not everyone can (or will be able to) afford private medicine, and thus, you would be creating a two tier system - with yet more inequality between those that have the money to pay, and those that don't.

Eventually, despite Tories professing otherwise, it is your goal, to fully privatise the NHS - and create an American style healthcare system, - in fact, we know that the wheels are already in motion for that to happen. Your party, just doesn't think anyone will notice, if it's done slowly, and behind closed doors!

Personally, I feel that the idea of privatised medicine, is rather heartless, and elitist. Also, the very idea, puts profits before people's needs. Once again, I am not surprised by this, as it only goes to prove that heartless, and cruel Tory ideology is the order of the day!

I wish to inform you, that, (as if you didn't already know), your party do not have the interests of the general population at heart, (despite frequent claims to the contrary)!

I hope, that in May 2015, the people of Bath and North East Somerset, and Britain as a whole, will finally realise, the harm that has been done, (and will be done), should they choose to re-elect you.

Yours Sincerely
Helen Sims
Disability Rights Campaigner

Monday, 1 December 2014

Hic Choo! (Children's Poem - 2003)

A germ is cunning,
My nose is running,
He's got me through and through,
It's your fault,
It really is,
I caught him from you!

My head is spinning,
The germ is winning,
I've taken to my bed,
I wish that it would leave me alone,
And bother someone else

My body aches,
I've got the shakes,
This germ has a hold you see,
I'm lying here,
With tissues near,
Oh why is it always me?!

I can't fight off
The terrible cough,
The germ is gripping me,
I hope that soon
He will pack his bags,
And leave me to be free!

My throat's stopped burning,
And head's stopped turning,
He has finally moved out,
I'm back drinking tea,
Feeling more like me,
It's so nice to be up and about!

My nose has unblocked,
My chest is unlocked,
And now I smile again,
The germ of course,
Is still in my thoughts,
Though he has gone away.
I know that it's bad,
But I am glad,
He's found somewhere else to stay!

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Friday, 14 November 2014

What Matters? (A Mini Poem)

I see sunshine
Where there once was rain,
Feel happiness,
Where there once was pain.

It doesn't matter which box,
They put me in,
What really matters,

Is what's within.

(Image: Google)


Monday, 10 November 2014

The Faceless Book

I don’t want
To be your friend,
I don’t know you now
And didn’t want to then!

Forgive me
Ignoring your friend requests
But I won’t invite
Unwanted guests!

You’ll get this note now
And sorry if it’s late,
But do you really care
About my status update?

So go away,
Live your life, do whatever
But don’t flaunt it at me
Like it’s something clever!

Congratulations, hooray,
You got married, had kids,
But would you really care,
If my life hit the skids?

To those I love
Who are on my list,
You know me better,
Forget all this.

To those that don’t
Who are really pissed,
I will bend over,
And you can kiss this!

NB Yes - I have a Facebook account - but I can see the downside!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Goodbye to All That

Goodbye to all that,
Don't think I care,
For lost days and endless hours,
You left me standing there.

Goodbye to all that,
A lifetime's anger,- buried pain,
Now I've learnt my lesson,
I won’t go there again.

Goodbye to all that,
You can tell me I'm a quitter,
But I won't  let your actions
Ever make me bitter.

Goodbye to all that,
You said you'd be there, but you weren't,
Don't think I ever trusted you,
Once my fingers got burnt.

Goodbye to all that,
They say 'blood, it's thicker than water,'
You forgot that I'm a person,
Not a lamb for slaughter.

Goodbye to all that,
I think now you'll find,
I won't let you take up the space
You once did, within my mind.

Goodbye to all that
Your words can't get to me,
Where once I had my demons,
I've learnt to set them free.

Goodbye to all that,
It was a battle that I've won,
Because now I've got the strength to say,
I've had enough - I'm done!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Fight Still Goes On...

Is it hard, being a campaigner?

It was easier, when I was younger, - before this government. Before this government, it was access issues - 'excuse me, any chance we could have a ramp here'? ''These doors cold be electric, you know...' 'yes, but when you get the wheelchairs, INSIDE the lift, there's barely any room, to close the door!' Or, 'excuse me, you can't do that', 'these buses need level access. You're breaking the law...!'

Now, it's 'but they're killing us! People are starving...'

It's being told we're any variant, of 'benefit scrounging scum' ...on an almost daily basis, by this government, or the media.
I've lost count of the times I've had to say, 'actually, those figures aren't correct. You're being lied to. Benefit fraud is actually...percent!'

I feel worthless, every time the government spouts more 'scrounger rhetoric' and lies to people. I'm not a 'scrounger' - I'm Helen,- and for the record, disabled, and ill people, have to struggle, just to manage the easiest of tasks, and just to get through the day! Surely, that is the very definition of 'striving?!' - But no, that doesn't count! WE don't count, now.

Even when I'm trying to 'take a break,' my brain won't switch off. There's guilt. I feel like I should be doing this, that, or the other. I should be reading, or writing this,that or the other!
I'm getting better at saying, (to myself), I'll do it later, but it takes ages, for the knots to leave my stomach.
I'm not alone. There are so many of us, that carry those feelings around with us, and the fight, never stops! If we don't make a stand, and say that all this anxiety, fear, suffering, pain, and death, is wrong, - who will?!
We can't count on the law to protect us, because the bastards in government, will change that, if something doesn't go their way!

We can't count on (many) politicians to protect us, because they are the problem! Them, and their twisted, harmful, and sick ideology - which says the poor and vulnerable, should suffer, while the rich, pay less tax, get bonuses, and kick us. while we're down!

Nobody asks for a disability or illness. It's not a choice! Nobody asks to be poor, either.

We are fighting harder now, and it's a different fight to when I started. We have to fight for basics, and the right to be viewed as human beings, and not nameless 'scroungers!'

I never thought this could, or would happen, but it is. and we're living it.

Is it hard, being a campaigner? It's beyond hard, and it's heartbreaking.

I wouldn't wish what so many people are going through, on my worst enemy, and I often feel that whatever I do, it is never enough.

I won't get started on 'group politics', self imposed campaigner hierarchies, egos, and the day to day grind of the way all that works! That's another layer of stress!
That's why I stay out of groups, and I don't have any party allegiances. I speak for myself, and myself only. If people agree with me, fine. If people don't, that's fine, too!

The cause is more important than me. It's more important than any one person. I believe in it, with everything that I am, and even though, I want to run away screaming, on a regular basis, and never campaign another day in my life, I can't do that. It's part of me. It always has been - and it always will be.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Think About It...This is Everyone's Problem! (A Short Blog Post)

You know what really annoys me?...(Several things, actually, but this is what annoys me, most)!

We shouldn't be the only ones fighting to save the welfare state! No one is immune from potentially needing it!

What's happening here, isn't just a problem for us, it's a problem for future generations, and it's a problem, for those who are arrogant enough to think that they would never need it!

Everyone should be helping us!

Everyone, (with any compassion, or understanding, at all), should be supporting us, as we try to raise awareness of the fact that vulnerable people, are suffering and DYING, under this government!

We aren't just doing this for ourselves. We are doing it for YOUR children, and grandchildren, and ANYONE, who just might need a bit of help one day!

No one is immune from disability,illness, or unemployment. Lives can change, (forever), in just a split second!

Please, don't think that what's happening here, is 'nothing to do with you', 'not your problem', or that it has 'no impact on your life'. It impacts on everyone!

I'm not sure either, that I would want to be one of the people, who turn a blind eye, while disabled,ill, and vulnerable people fight for their lives!

It may seem harsh, but that is the truth of what's happening here. In years to come, people will wonder, how this was allowed to happen? How did we allow people to suffer, (and often, die), under these 'reforms?!'

Please, don't be one of those people, who doesn't even think about it.

...And just to back up what I've said, as I type this, I know of someone, who has begged me, to send them tins of food, because they have nothing!
Is it any wonder, we're angry and hurt?! This, should not be happening, anywhere, - ever! 
Least of all here, in a rich country, -and YES, we are rich, despite what this government would have you believe!
We should be able to feed, and care for people, who need it. Before you believe all the coalition's 'scrounger rhetoric', please, think about it, and remember that we, are people.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Remember What the Truth Is... (A Facebook Status, Shared).

Oh great! It's another one of those 'Is your neighbour committing benefit fraud' campaigns!
This means more accusations of, 'x can't be disabled/ill. I saw them....!'

Helen xx

'You can't be ill, I saw you OUTSIDE, SMILING!'
As this is another attempt by the government to plant doubt and suspicion in people's minds, can I please remind people, that not every disability or illness is visible, and even people who feel horrible on the inside, manage to smile?!
Don't make snap judgements, because it can lead to a hell of a lot of trouble, which is exactly what the government wants.
The Tories have always hated the Welfare state. They want it, gone.
They want to spread doubt and hatred, which will ultimately divide people. It's already happening!
They want to justify cutting that support. If you've been my Facebook friend, or my 'real life' friend, for at least four years, (assuming you have paid attention), you will know what happens, (and is happening), when vital support is ripped away.
Vulnerable people suffer, and die.
I'm not saying there aren't fraudsters. What I'm saying, is that they are a very small percentage, compared to the numbers you have been lead to believe.
Remember what the TRUTH is. This government has an ideology that they want to serve.
That ideology, is hurting, and causing the deaths of people, who are struggling already. Now they, (we), have to fight for our lives, too.
All I'm asking, please, is that you keep an open mind. Every 'scrounger' that this government tells you to hate, is a person, with a life - and feelings, which are being hurt.
Nobody chooses disability, or illness, and nobody chooses to have heartbreaking limitations placed on their lives. Please, please, remember that, and remember, too, that this can happen to ANYONE!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Make-up is Fake (Unedited First Draft).

Make-up is fake,
I’m real,
Make-up says my face is easier to take,
But I’m real.

Why should I hide
A blemish or a scar,
Have they harmed me, so far?
Make-up is fake,
I’m real.

I’ve got a spot, I may wish wasn’t there,
But it’s not really me,
It’s society that cares!
 Make-up is fake,
But I’m real.

You say it gives confidence,
When you look good,
But who told you that you should?
Make-up is fake,
You’re real.

Why does it matter,
 That you haven’t got perfect skin,
Because confidence, you know,
It comes from within.
Make-up is fake,
But you’re real.

Yes, I have pride in my appearance, too,
I’m tidy and clean,
But I am me,
And I don’t need to preen.
Make-up is fake,
 I’m real.

Be yourself,
Your lipstick, is not what they’ll remember,
Hold your head up,
Don’t hide,
And never surrender,
Make-up is fake,
But you’re real.

Image: 'Pinterest'


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bitter...and Twisted (Poem 2011)

I'm bitter,
My body twists
In pain.

I'm angry,
My body
Fights my brain.

I'm crying,
My body
Wins again.

I'm worthless,
And my body
Feels the same.

I'm bitter,
And my body
Still remains.

(Image: Google)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Sending Britain to War (again) - A Facebook Rant - Shared

As I write this, Parliament has just decided to get Britain involved in the war against I.S. -('Islamic State).'

I realise it is highly complex and difficult situation, which no country, or leader of a country, wants to find themselves in, but for me, (and many others), the idea of Britain getting involved in this, sets off a lot of different thoughts.

I was told by a friend, that I should share this morning's Facebook update with you, exactly as I wrote it, because it 'captures everything'.

Yes, the friend was right, when she (also) said that it captures how 'indignant' I feel about this. 

So here it is:

'Oh yeah, because embarking on another war, is a really sensible idea! There isn't another way?! 

Well, FIND ONE! 

Violence solves nothing, and how can you be claiming to take the 'moral' high ground, when you're BOMBING them?! 


I know we have to protect ourselves, (to an extent), and help others, (IF we ARE actually helping), but this is NOT the answer!

Will the rich and powerful, who make the decision to 'go to war', end up paying for it? No, I highly doubt it! 

Funny how we can afford a war, but we have over a million people reliant on foodbanks, and we're cutting vital social security, and services for the disabled, ill, poor, and vulnerable...isn't it?!

Also, if you're so keen to go to war, Mr Cameron, maybe you should lead the troops in YOURSELF, or a member of your family, perhaps?!

Let's see how keen you would be, then!

Thank you. I'm done!'

War is war -and if it does go on for 'years, rather than months,' as has been stated, more lives will be lost, of under-equipped, (and overstretched troops), as well as innocent civilians! 

War is not the answer!