Friday, 14 November 2014

What Matters? (A Mini Poem)

I see sunshine
Where there once was rain,
Feel happiness,
Where there once was pain.

It doesn't matter which box,
They put me in,
What really matters,

Is what's within.

(Image: Google)


Monday, 10 November 2014

The Faceless Book

I don’t want
To be your friend,
I don’t know you now
And didn’t want to then!

Forgive me
Ignoring your friend requests
But I won’t invite
Unwanted guests!

You’ll get this note now
And sorry if it’s late,
But do you really care
About my status update?

So go away,
Live your life, do whatever
But don’t flaunt it at me
Like it’s something clever!

Congratulations, hooray,
You got married, had kids,
But would you really care,
If my life hit the skids?

To those I love
Who are on my list,
You know me better,
Forget all this.

To those that don’t
Who are really pissed,
I will bend over,
And you can kiss this!

NB Yes - I have a Facebook account - but I can see the downside!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Goodbye to All That

Goodbye to all that,
Don't think I care,
For lost days and endless hours,
You left me standing there.

Goodbye to all that,
A lifetime's anger,- buried pain,
Now I've learnt my lesson,
I won’t go there again.

Goodbye to all that,
You can tell me I'm a quitter,
But I won't  let your actions
Ever make me bitter.

Goodbye to all that,
You said you'd be there, but you weren't,
Don't think I ever trusted you,
Once my fingers got burnt.

Goodbye to all that,
They say 'blood, it's thicker than water,'
You forgot that I'm a person,
Not a lamb for slaughter.

Goodbye to all that,
I think now you'll find,
I won't let you take up the space
You once did, within my mind.

Goodbye to all that
Your words can't get to me,
Where once I had my demons,
I've learnt to set them free.

Goodbye to all that,
It was a battle that I've won,
Because now I've got the strength to say,
I've had enough - I'm done!