Friday, 30 November 2012

Sometimes I wonder... (A Plea). -Facebook Status Update.

Sometimes I wonder how other people would feel if what is happening to disabled and ill people of this country was happening to them?!

How would they feel if they were going to lose the independence they had always fought for, and vital money they relied on?

How would they feel if their friends and comrades were dying every week and everyone was ignoring them when they tried to ask for help?

How would others feel if they were disabled, and the government had taken their lifeline (money) and car away from them?! This is happening to people!

How would they feel if it was them that couldn't walk without help, felt permanently ill, had pain that felt like it might rip them apart, and were still told by the media and government that they were 'faking' and 'scrounging off the state?'

How would they feel if the people who decided if they kept vital disability benefits, were not specialists in your condition and yet still had the right to decide if you were sick/disabled enough to keep benefits?

People are dying - vulnerable people who have been through more suffering and hardship already, than probably most can ever imagine.

I wonder how people would feel if the whole of society made them worthless every single day?

What would it be like to have justify your existence like we do?

I am a person. We all are! I did not ask for my Cerebral Palsy -None of us asked for any of this!

All I want to do is be able to carry a plate across the room without help, go for a walk across the fields with my husband - or simply be able to stand in the middle of room, without having to hold on to something - but I can't, and I never will be able to.

I'll never be able to hold my baby in my arms either. I don't have the option of becoming a mother and watching my kids grow up. I imagine it's the loveliest thing ever, but I can't have it.

We can't have a lot of things. Disabled and ill people have not chosen to be victimised, vilified, made to feel like we are something somebody stepped in, and then stripped of our rights!

All we want is to live as normal a life as we can. We don't ask for much. We just want to be able to make the best of our bad situations, and keep our self respect. Self respect that is being eroded by this government!

Don't swallow the lies and 'scrounger rhetoric'. Please, please, please, don't let them swallow us!

You can your support by at least reading and sharing some of the articles and various bits I put up.

I'm not asking you read all of it. I know it's a lot! But the only weapon we have against this government is sharing information and making people aware of the suffering that is happening around them.

It won't take you more than a few seconds to click 'share' or more than a minute to sign a petition. Please don't ignore us! Our lives depend on it.

Thank you.

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