Saturday, 22 February 2014

ATOS Quits - A Reaction

Personally, I don’t know why some people are getting excited that ATOS have given. ATOS is only part of the problem. The whole POLICY needs to stop! The SYSTEM is flawed. Until that happens, I can’t celebrate anything.
It’s funny how, yesterday ATOS itself said the SYSTEM was failing, and yet in all the media coverage I have seen today, they have blamed a hate campaign against staff.
There is NO EVIDENCE to back that up! If there is, then show us!
Also, where were the BBC during the protests this week, when the TRUTH was being told, about the pain, death and suffering this government, and ATOS are responsible for.
Where was OUR media coverage, when the damage ATOS (and the DWP) have done, was being talked about? NOWHERE!
Yet today, the BBC and ATOS are blaming 'death threats,’ and US, YET AGAIN!
In none of the coverage I have seen today, have they even tried to explain WHY disabled and ill people are angry, and the DAMAGE that is being done to our lives!
The BBC claim to be balanced and independent. I don’t think so! To me, they are spouting government propaganda (AGAIN)!
When this whole Welfare Reform policy is scrapped and replaced by something compassionate, fair, and that allows for variations in disability and people, is when I’ll be celebrating!

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