Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Thinking Pink...(Vans)!

I was asked, what I think of Labour's use of pink vans, to attract the female vote?
They aren't ideal. 

They idea of 'blue for a boy' and 'pink  for a girl', is outdated, in my opinion. 

After all, women and men should not have into fit to gender stereotypes, and the pressure to do so, is a lot less, in today's society - and quite right, too! 

In my opinion, though,there are much bigger things to worry about, like the way disabled people are being treated, and having our lives destroyed, by this government. Like the fact that people are relying on foodbanks, to survive and homelessness, is up!

Is it sexist? Yes! Is it stereotypical? Yes, -but, Is the colour of vans, really important, in the grand scheme of things?

I can see why some people are annoyed, and it's not the wisest of moves, but, on the other hand, it's drawn attention to something, and it's got people talking. They, ahem, stand out!

People will notice them, no matter what their feelings are, on whether they are sexist, or stereotyping.
As a 'get noticed' tactic, it's a good one!

If people change a vote, just because of this one thing, when there are so many others, to consider, then that says a lot.

We must look at the bigger picture...always!


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