Saturday, 11 July 2015

Helen's Britain - A List Post!

Helen's Britain:

1. Abolish the monarchy. It is unnecessary, elitist, outdated, and the palaces could be sold off -generating income.

2. Restore NHS to precisely that -funded at least partially by higher taxes for the rich, -including mansion tax.

3. Close tax loopholes, which would then clear the 'deficit'. (Bankers should pay back bonuses, or face jail time).

4. Separation of church and state -plus an end to religious schools, thus at least partially stopping indoctrination of children.

5. People with right wing ideology should attend classes in the hope that they would learn a more balanced view.

6. Kids should be taught how to manage money, disability awareness, and political history, plus they should be encouraged in at least one creative subject\hobby.

7. An end to career politicians, plus fully elected House of Lords.

(All politicians should have had a real job -(which could include voluntary work), for at least five years. Plus, Minister for disabled people, should BE a disabled person)!

8. Each council would be largely in charge of budget, but with a list of things that must be protected. Also grants available for community projects such as a garden.

9. Proper living wage, funded by higher taxes for those that can afford it.

10. Protected social security, and an end to any related rhetoric or stigma.

Hopefully, over time, it would all balance out. I can dream, can't I?!


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