Monday, 1 May 2017

We're Fighting For Our Lives! (A Mini Blog).

Three weeks before the General Election, I'll 'celebrate' my twenty eighth anniversary as a campaigner, (albeit in different ways, through my lifetime).

In 2017 none of this still should be necessary, and we definitely should not be fighting for basics, the rights we have lost, and the right to be seen as human beings, rather than 'Scroungers'!

We should not be dying in thousands as a result of government policy, -but it IS happening!

We should not be being vilified and lied about in the press, (in an attempt to justify cruel and unfair cuts to vital support), but we ARE!

We are fighting for our independence, dignity, self-respect, and the right to do the things many take for granted.

Disability and illness are not a choice and no one is immune from the possibility that it could happen to them, so we are fighting for YOUR rights TOO!

Although I know that I don't have the right to tell anyone how to vote, I will tell you that this is reality, now.

When I started campaigning (or raising awareness, as I prefer to call it), I was fighting to make things better. Better access, better inclusion, and positivity.

Now, we fight for our LIVES!

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