Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dreaming Sandcastles

I've never built a sandcastle,
“What's the point?” I would say,
“The waves will come and wash it away.”

I've never built a sandcastle
With its windows and a tiny door,
Maybe I have never dreamed before.

I've never built a sandcastle,
I feel forced to say
When you run up and ask me to play.

We walk down the beach hand in hand,
I watch you fill your red bucket
With moistened sand.

I wonder how you know to pack it tight,
To tip it up,
And tap just right.

You take my hand now,
We search out a stick,
And then run back to finish it quick!

When carving out the windows
And the tiny door,
I wonder why I never dreamed before… 

(Image - Courtesy of Google)

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