Thursday, 1 January 2015

Twenty Fifteen

My New Year’s resolution,
Is to keep being me.
It may seem like a cop out,
But it’s not easy!

I need to keep smiling,
Even though I feel pain,
And when I fall over,
Get up, again!

I need to stay balanced,
Keep fooling the crowd.
See things that are funny,
And laugh, out loud!

I will stay alert,
I’ll  keep my eyes on the news,
And though I get nervous,
I'll still share my views.

My New Year’s Resolution,
Is to get more fresh air,
Even when I’m tired,
There’s a world out there!

I must eat more fruit,
It’s bananas I hate,
But when I feel sick,
They’ll still go
On my plate!

I'll keep fighting back,
In twenty fifteen,
And even when I’m angry,
My language, will be clean!

Even though they might hate me,
I’ll keep telling the truth,
I will demand evidence,
I can raise the roof!

When I’m frustrated,
Thinking ‘it’s not fair’,
I have to keep doing it,
Because I care.


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