Monday, 25 January 2016

Part of Me Wishes for Snow -(A Personal 'Stream of Consciousness Piece) -October 2012

Part of me wishes for snow. I love it when the world is covered in a white blanket. The warm tones of earth rest beneath.

I like to think that everything sleeps sometimes, but nature never sleeps. Instead it’s
always striving, colours and textures go on changing- from the falling of leaves to the bareness of trees, as another year passes by.

Part of me wishes for snow, because everything seems calm and timeless. I love to watch it fall from the night sky, like tiny gentle feathers. It feels like they float freely and land where they want to. It must be nice to do that. Until daylight, no one will stand on it, destroying the blanket with large, lasting footprints. Steps that are taken for granted.

Part of me wishes for snow, so that the Christmas lights reflect off it, and the firelight seems to burn brighter. Outside, nature carries on but I don't have to see it. I don't have to think about new lives beginning, sprouting afresh, the way nature is supposed to do.

Part of me wishes for snow, because I need that blanket too. I need to see civilisation stop, on the surface anyway. Stop striving, fighting, moving forward, making money. Everything that is usually at the edges of my vision has temporarily disappeared.

The world is at my level. It's flat and equal while we share the white blanket. No one else can move properly either! I can hear laughter and watch a snowball fight from the window. I love my hands around a mug of hot chocolate, and who knows? Maybe we'll toast marshmallows! I love the simple things, and outside, for now so do they. The world is mine tonight. 


  1. Oh this is one of the loveliest blogs I've read - beautiful imagery Helen, I felt like I was sharing the view with you - I love it too, the blanketed, clean world that you describe :)

    Take care, Kimmie x

  2. I loved reading this, it brought to mind the almost eerie silence between the snow falling and the children discovering it!