Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Life

This isn't nothing,
This is my life!
I'm someone's daughter,
someone's wife.

Yes, I have a disability,
But that is only a part
Of me.

There are many things
That I can't do,
But I shouldn't have to answer
To you!

You can call me a 'scrounger'
Take my self-esteem,
But I won't let you take
My dreams.

We die in thousands,
You lie through the press,
Cause fear and nightmares,
And kill us, with stress!

Go ahead, take our money
Rip lives apart,
But I've never given up
And I'm not about to start!

You think it's acceptable
To add to our pain
Kick us as we're down,
So we can't get up again.

Your words will wound
Leave scars,like a knife
But I am not nothing,
And you don't get my life!

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