Friday, 22 February 2013

I HATE Bra's!

I hate bras! It's not that they are uncomfortable - although they can be, especially if an under wire digs in! Ooh, don't!

It's the expectation that women HAVE to wear them. Now, obviously this is not a new idea, but I'm going to say it anyway.

If a woman doesn't wear a bra, people look at her differently, (and not just because she's got 'em hanging free). There is something extra attached.

A woman is a slut or whatever, or easy, or has no pride her appearance. I don't know what it is, a mixture of many things - but it pisses me off!

I didn't wear a bra for years (until recently) because I felt so strongly about this issue. It was my own small act of rebellion.

Who the hell has the right to judge me, or tell me what I should and shouldn't wear?!

Now, most women wear them for support, and that's fine. It's necessary for comfort or whatever in many cases. That's a separate issue though I think - and yes, it's the reason why I started wearing them again - but I still hate it!

Don't go thinking either, that wearing a bra is going to help you stop 'sagging' - (well, it might for a while - or at least make them look better), but things inevitably...go downwards!

Of course you look better when you're wearing them - especially when you put on a little weight like I have!

But I still hate them! I object to the whole thing! After all, you don't see men wearing them to carry around their MOOBS do you?! (Well, not that I've seen anyway)!

Why should men be allowed to be 'free,' but women be restricted It's the same in a lot of issues, not just bras!

Yes, attitudes towards women have changed - and they've moved forward a lot, especially since the contraceptive pill became available.  
Women have a lot more freedom and that's the greatest thing, but why should we be told what to do anyway?! 
I'm sorry, but until I don't feel obligated to wear one or judged if I go out without one, things haven't moved forward enough!

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly :) there is just a certain sense of freedom that comes with taking ones bra off, it's relaxing. Or as one graphic I read said "My bra's come off I'm in for the night" xxx

  2. I agree i hate wearing the bloody things I never wear one at home