Monday, 4 February 2013

The Price of Fame - Dedicated to the Memory of Karen Carpenter.

The sweetest voice,
The private pain,
Her eyes said it all
The price of fame.

Her body screamed,
She yearned to be thin,
A manifestation
Of torture within.

Singing songs
Of hearts broken,
In beautiful tune,
Her words were spoken.

Stage lights shone
From up above,
See the fragile figure,
Who longed to be loved.

The public smile,
The private scream,
Her desperate struggle,
To live the dream.

On that last day,
Her heart attacked,
The agony revealed,
The mirror cracked.

The sweetest voice,
The private pain,
Her death said it all,
The price of fame.

Dedicated to Karen Carpenter 1950-1983 


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