Thursday, 11 April 2013

Confessions of a Tea Junkie (Poem - 1997)

Alright, I did it!
Went shopping for teabags at midnight,
If I don't have one in the morning,
I don't feel right.

Forgot to buy the ones
I asked you for,
I was tempted to drain the one
Dropped on the floor!

Alright, I did it!
When we went out,
I wanted to know
If there was a kettle about!

After wandering for hours                                                                           
 I'd built up a thirst,

You didn't need to ask,
If it was tea or shops first!

Alright, I did it!
Deprived of my drug,
I thought about using one
Found in the plug!

You know its been ages,
I am scratchy
And short,
Coming between me
And my tea,
Is a version of sport!                                                                        

 I know I'm terrible,
And I know it's tough,
But if I don't get the hot stuff,
I feel really rough!                                                                             

I know you don't get it,
You can't understand,
Why I'm sitting here,
With shaking hands.

Now we have teabags
After nearly a day,
So Heaven help the person
Who gets in my way!

Slow minutes later,
I'm holding my mug,
Gripping it tightly
Feels like a hug.

Pausing for a moment,
I breathe in the steam,
Those first blissful sips
Feel like a dream.

The result is instant,
 Muscles relax,
My body is sealing,
And mending its cracks.

You can forget chocolate,
And forget a kiss,
I'm ashamed to admit
That my paradise,
Is this!'

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