Sunday, 28 April 2013

Always There - (Poem 2009)

I have lived so long with pain,
It rips and tears at my body,
Sharp and relentless,
I know
It will always be there.

I try to be strong,
I smile as expected,
But inside I'm breaking

When you look at me,
All you see
Is the outside,
A shell,
My disability.

I hide the agony
Deep inside,
A body that betrays me,
And it will
Always be there.

I am a person just like you,
I laugh and love,
I cry and need,
When I'm cut
I bleed.

I wish it was easy
And wish it would change,
The world still thinks
I'm strange.

Sometimes in darkness,
I want to scream
At tired
Frustration's flame.

And then I want the world to know,
Deep down,
I am the same. 



  1. A poem that is so genuine, so touching, so informative. You are the same, and possibly a damn sight more compassionate & insightful than those who just pass us by thinking that we limp for the hell of it rather than we limp, stagger, or even on a good day, walk in unending pain. I hope you get the acknowledgment and understanding you need from those that truly matter.

  2. Lovely, thank you for sharing this.