Sunday, 5 May 2013

In the Event of My Death - (Facebook Status).

Just listening to a programme on Radio 4 about the protection of facebook and social network 'stuff' and what happens in the event of the account holders death.

OK, here's my plan:

In the event of my death, my facebook account will hopefully be kept active. Hubby and family have my 'login details'.

Please keep posting stuff - you know the things I rant about on a regular basis, keep doing it for me! :-P

Leave pictures and messages, just as I do on the Facebook page of a friend that died a few years ago.
This is morbid I know, but it has to be said. You know the things I am passionate about, and you know how much disability rights and campaigning means to me. You know how vital it is that the words, thoughts and feelings of disabled people are heard - and how important it is that we be understood better. KEEP DOING IT!

In the event of my funeral:

NO BLACK - just bright colours.

No hymns - or God related passages. I want poems, funny stuff and memories of me.

Funeral Music:

'The Love Inside' - Barbra Streisand
Carpenters songs - (whichever ones. I'll be dead, so not fussed)
'Walking on Sunshine' - Katrina and the waves
'Defying Gravity' - Idina Menzel (last)

(as there will be STRICTLY NO HYMNS - there will be plenty of time for good music).

I'd like pink roses please.

- and lastly, somebody has MY full permission to come to my funeral dressed as 'The Grim Reaper!' (If you get complaints from some of the more 'sensitive' types, tell them I said you could - and it's my funeral, so I make the rules)!


H xx

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  1. If I die in next couple of yrs or while they are still abusing me...I want some1 in grim reaper costume to have sponsored by dwp, atos, the pm & ids on it...xxx