Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Real Name is Susan (Poem 2013)

My real name is Susan
But the Police don’t know that,
For now, they know me as Jenny,
Who burgles, like a cat.

Online I am April
An expert in cyber crime,
Collecting personal details,
They won’t catch me, this time.

The bank thinks I’m Zoe,
A tall and leggy blonde,
I’ve emptied a neighbour’s cheque account,
When they notice, I’ll be gone.

On the plane, I will be Karen
Well dressed in business suit,
I’ll be smart, rich and charming,
And drink champagne by the flute!

On beaches I’ll be lying,
Still living for the con,
Behaving like I’m royalty,
And a beautiful sun kissed bronze.

They will catch me when I am old and grey,
When my life has hit the skids,
I’ll be widowed by a rich man,
And have a couple of kids.

I am a lonely alcoholic
In a small house by the sea,
My real name is Susan,
But I’ve never found me.


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