Sunday, 8 December 2013

Poor Santa! (Poem - 2012)

Poor Santa tonight had clumsy feet,
For every time he had to repeat
This sliding down the chimney lark
He tripped and stumbled in the dark!

Poor Santa had a tickly nose
And with so many places left to go,
He’d fallen once again to his sooty knees
As he held back yet another sneeze!

Poor Santa decided it was worth a try
For another bite of a fresh mince pie
And when reaching upwards for the plate,
Clumsily fell over some roller skates!

Poor Santa he hurtled towards the door
The pesky plate shattering to the floor,
Next there came his loud ‘Hic Choo’,
And Santa didn’t know what to do!

Poor Santa had made so much noise
He woke up the little girls and boys,
Tiny feet padding down the stairs
He knew that they would catch him there.

Poor Santa this night so far it was tragic,
At the last moment he remembered his magic,
With a click of his fingers and seconds to spare,
He luckily vanished into the air!

Poor Santa red faced and out of breath,
One year those children would be his death,
Slowly he clambered in to his sleigh,
Relieved to make a clean get away!

As he took to the air with a ‘Ho Ho Ho’
There was something poor Santa didn’t know,
Those startled children were aghast to find
He’d gone and left his full sack behind!

Drawing by Catherine Love

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