Saturday, 9 August 2014

Old Enough to Know the Truth (Poem - 2014)

Cinderella and the prince,
Got a divorce 
Happily ever after,
Not true of course!

Snow White, with her prince, 
That was way too tall,
Gave birth to children 
That were rather small!

Cinders and Snow 
Had nowhere to go,
Fairytale marriages fell apart.
So they took their stuff,
Wanted to shack up,
And disappeared by horse and cart!

Godmother, always happy
With her cheeks so pink
Was made to enter rehab,
For the demon drink!

Wicked queens, evil witches,
All those fairytale bitches,
They too had to pay for their crimes.
Despite the magic,
Their downfall was tragic,
And now they’re serving time!

Post ‘true love’s kiss,’
There was something amiss 
In Sleeping Beauty’s perfect life.
Her Prince met a gnome
And never came home,
Now he’s free from the trouble
And strife! 

Fairytales, you see,
They can never be,
All of which they seem.
You’re long enough in the tooth
To be told the truth,
That you’re better off
Keeping the dream!

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