Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Note to the People of Scotland

Dear people of Scotland,

Please vote yes (to Scottish Independence), on the 18th of September.

The lives, (and quality of life), of disabled and ill people, north of the border, depend on it.

No Bedroom Tax, no ATOS assessment, and no more pain, suffering, and death, of disabled and ill people, (as a result of Westminster's Welfare Reform Bill). 

Disabled and ill people of Scotland, deserve that.

If you don't vote yes for any other reason, (of which there are plenty), please do it for them.

They deserve a government that values them, and makes them feel wanted in society. They deserve not to feel fear for their future, and not to live with the anxiety, and dread, of cuts to vital benefits.

They deserve a government, and a media that does spread lies, vilify and demonise them, just because they (through no fault of their own), are ill or disabled - or both, like me.

If only we, disabled and ill people here, could break free from these harmful and cruel policies, too. 

At the moment, we can't, and we are pinning our hopes on a change of government, (or at least some sort of  sudden mass wake up of society!

Don't miss your chance, because Scotland deserves better.

Helen. xx

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  1. A superlative blog post. I'm also in favor of Scotland's independence because I firmly believe that Westminster's draconian welfare policies are harmful to Britain's sick and disabled.