Monday, 1 September 2014

While You're at the Shops... (AKA - 'The Shopping List)

Blank Cd's please, 
Pick up the spare house key, 
A jar of Peanut Butter 
And some stuff to clean the gutter! 

Don't forget Tomato Sauce, 
Or the Tea Bags of course. 
Dad says 
Fetch his Chicken Pie, 
And those screws he meant to buy! 

While you're at it, 
Writing Paper 
(You can take it 'round to Granny later), 
Could you pick up a TV mag? 
And Dad says don't forget his fags! 

While you're down there, 
Put the lottery on, 
This time don't get the numbers wrong! 
Get some polish for Cindy's shoes, 
Find a cure for Andy's flu!

Granny rang, 
Don't forget her Gin, 
Or Plastic Bags for the kitchen bin. 

Thank you 'petal' - you're a good son. 
Don't be late, 
Love and kisses, 

(Just to clarify: In the UK -'fags' = cigarettes -obviously)


Entirely fictional. I had fun with this one!
Image: Google

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