Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Goodbye to All That

Goodbye to all that,
Don't think I care,
For lost days and endless hours,
You left me standing there.

Goodbye to all that,
A lifetime's anger,- buried pain,
Now I've learnt my lesson,
I won’t go there again.

Goodbye to all that,
You can tell me I'm a quitter,
But I won't  let your actions
Ever make me bitter.

Goodbye to all that,
You said you'd be there, but you weren't,
Don't think I ever trusted you,
Once my fingers got burnt.

Goodbye to all that,
They say 'blood, it's thicker than water,'
You forgot that I'm a person,
Not a lamb for slaughter.

Goodbye to all that,
I think now you'll find,
I won't let you take up the space
You once did, within my mind.

Goodbye to all that
Your words can't get to me,
Where once I had my demons,
I've learnt to set them free.

Goodbye to all that,
It was a battle that I've won,
Because now I've got the strength to say,
I've had enough - I'm done!

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