Monday, 10 November 2014

The Faceless Book

I don’t want
To be your friend,
I don’t know you now
And didn’t want to then!

Forgive me
Ignoring your friend requests
But I won’t invite
Unwanted guests!

You’ll get this note now
And sorry if it’s late,
But do you really care
About my status update?

So go away,
Live your life, do whatever
But don’t flaunt it at me
Like it’s something clever!

Congratulations, hooray,
You got married, had kids,
But would you really care,
If my life hit the skids?

To those I love
Who are on my list,
You know me better,
Forget all this.

To those that don’t
Who are really pissed,
I will bend over,
And you can kiss this!

NB Yes - I have a Facebook account - but I can see the downside!


  1. Brilliant piece, Helen! Permission to share, please?