Friday, 22 May 2015

The Fox, and Me

I feel like a fox,
Hounded by government attack dogs.
I feel like unwanted vermin.
They make me feel worthless.

There are too many of us,
'Scrounging',stealing from others,
Considered more worthy.
Soon the dogs will find me,
And tear me apart.

I am not a fox,
I am a person with a disability,
But now there's little difference,
Between a fox, and me.



  1. Very moving Helen, I'm sharing this to facebook too if you don't mind I'm on the Wirral if you ever want to meet up for a coffee xx

  2. That is exactly how I feel, that's a wonderful poem. I feel that the government hates me and you've put it exquisitely into a few short lines, thank you

    1. Thank you! That's OK. I've deleted the duplicates. I'm glad you like it. Hugs. xx

    2. Hounded by the brown & white envelopes.
      I know you've written a very moving poem about that too. Dear Helen putting our visceral feelings into words.
      Thank you. Hugs to you & all who are suffering under this cruel tory unessausterity. What do you think? I made a new word. Can you use it? Xxxxxxxxx 😊

  3. I only posted my comment once yet it's posted up twice, and it looks like other people are having the same problem