Friday, 29 May 2015

Why Did Labour Lose? - My Opinion

I have been asked why I think Labour lost the election? 

For me, the answer is is fairly easy, - they weren't 'left' enough. They went to much for the middle ground, when they should have been opposing austerity from the start! That's what the 'opposition' is supposed to do, isn't it? They weren't loud enough, - nor did they propose an alternative. 

People I spoke to felt there was little choice, between Labour and Tory, any more. 

Many wanted to vote Green, (myself, included), but felt that they 'couldn't risk' letting the Tories back in, so against their better judgement, and feeling uneasy about it, they voted Labour, even though they didn't oppose austerity. 
Speaking for myself, (especially as a disabled person who has been hurt by the Tory government), I felt I couldn't chance a Green vote, yet! I want the Tories out, so badly!  

I've heard the 'our hands were tied' excuse often enough, from Labour supporters, but for me, it doesn't wash. They could have been open about what was happening to disabled people, and they could have fought on more than just the Bedroom Tax. They had chances, and they didn't take them.

They could have said, 'Look,this 'scrounger' rhetoric, it's based on lies. Here are the real figures'. They could have made more of an effort to make the stories of suffering, public. Other than in Parliament itself, (where they knew they'd be shouted down), I rarely saw any of it.

Like I said, this is my opinion, but to me, the fight wasn't there. 

If Labour had wanted to blow this whole thing apart, regain credibility, and actually BE an alternative, they could have.
If they had opposed austerity',I don't think the SNP would have won so many seats. SNP policies are 'left' of Labour, and the people of Scotland hate the Tories, (almost as much as I do)!

The Tories shunned Scotland, despite the promises, (which I don't think they never intended to keep), made during the Referendum Campaign. I think Scotland (quite rightly), fought back, and they wanted their voices heard. After all, they didn't get what they were promised!

If Scottish Labour had said, 'we can give you a voice in Westminster,  as well as the anti austerity policies', at least some of the wind would've been taken from SNP's sails! Again, they failed to act.

The Tories were then able to use fear of SNP's control and anti austerity policies, to galvanise their supporters, and frighten the 'floating voters' into voting Tory, in a bid to keep the SNP out. The SNP ran a strong and motivated campaign, which won through anyway.

It could have been Labour, though, if they had made the 'right' promises, not just at the start of the election campaigns, but from way back in 2010. That way, they would've had a proven record of fighting, (or at least trying to fight), the ideological cuts that have damaged and destroyed the lives, of some of society's most vulnerable people.

In short, it's my opinion, that Labour, (and I'm sorry, I know this won't sit well, with some), have no one to blame for the defeat, but themselves. Now that the unions are pulling funding, and speaking out, where Labour did not, I don't see a way back, at the moment.

This country has drifted more to the right than ever, because of a concerted effort by the Tories, UKIP, and a biased media, paid, (or threatened perhaps),to promote right wing ideology.
The drip, drip, drip effect of those campaigns, fear of another recession, and few people to counteract it all, meant the Tories won, and four the next five years, it will be poorer, low paid, homeless, ill and disabled people, who will pay the price.


  1. Very well written article Helen....i totally agree (except for bit where you hate Tories more than Scotland does 😊) #TORYSOUT