Thursday, 3 September 2015

On My Sleeve...

Yesterday, an internet troll told me (amongst other things),that I wear my condition - (Cerebral Palsy), on my sleeve. No.It's called raising awareness!

The fact that I have been trolled at all says a lot about what disabled people are facing. It feels like compassion has all but disappeared, sometimes.

There is a lot more to me than disability, but this HAS to be done. I'm fighting back!

I'd much rather I didn't have to do this at all. I could spend my life just being Helen -trying my best, focusing on good things,-but this government mean that we have to fight harder than ever,to live our lives.

Disability rights campaigning isn't just about access issues, equality, the law, and getting people to view disability in a positive way,(as it was when I started). It's about saving lives now!

It's about counteracting damaging 'scrounger' rhetoric.It's about getting the truth out there, in the face of endless hurtful lies and prejudice!

I've been a campaigner,(when my health, energy and pain allows me to of course),for most of my life but I never thought we'd have to fight for basics, and justify our right to EXIST!

I didn't choose my disability, (the fact that I can't walk or stand unaided), my pain, or to be robbed of so many things others take for granted.

I didn't choose the fact that there are days when I can barely get out of bed, but I've always wanted to help others so I do what I can.

Those who know me see a person, but this government,media and a lot of people don't any more.

I thought I had come to terms (as much as I can)with my life, but now I feel I have to justify myself to others(and government),when I'd only just finished justifying me, to ME!

I've suffered from depression since I was fourteen years old - which has been added made worse by what this government are doing to us. The fear of the Work Compatibility Assessment, and sanctions. I have nightmares about the assessment...and I'm jumpy when the letterbox goes, in case it's my turn!

Sometimes I even feel scared to walk the little way I can on my crutches in case someone calls me a 'scrounger,' or looks at me with suspicion. It wouldn't be the first time so I tend to stay in my wheelchair now.

Disabled and ill people are dying in thousands, after being found 'Fit for Work'-


There are fake stories on DWP literature:


Is it any wonder that I feel the way I do? I'm luckier than most in so many ways, and I know that. My mum brought me up with the saying 'there is always someone worse off than you' and I try very hard to remember that, even when I feel awful.

This is the reality though. Government would have people believe that we are 'scaremongering' when we tell people about the impact Welfare 'Reform' has had on our lives, but we're not.

If were 'scaremongering', would the United Nations find it necessary to be investigating systematic abuses of Disabled People's Human Rights, as a result of Welfare Reform?


There has been no Cumulative Impact Assessment done by the government as yet into how Welfare Reform effects disabled and ill people's lives, despite repeated requests for one. Surely there should be? Surely it's the human thing to do?

The WoW (War on Welfare) campaign launched a second petition asking government to carry out this assessment.

Please add your signature to thousands of others, here:


As for wearing my condition(s)'on my sleeve,' even if I do, it's only because disabled and ill people have been put in this situation. If government and others made disabled people feel safe, secure and wanted again, it wouldn't be necessary.



  1. Dear Helen Sims,
    I am appalled that you should be treated so! I too am seriously disabled but being an ex Veteran and well over retirement age I doubt I'm going to have as much to cope with as you do. I consider IDS, Osborne and Cameron as little more than war criminals, they have, after all, declared war on the poor and disabled. But be aware, Helen, there are many who see through the Tory's lies and back you to the limit. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much Helen for your brave and wonderful post
    I will share to let others know God bless you