Monday, 14 September 2015

No Change, No Future

Don't you feel angry 
At the state of the world? 
We should feel ashamed 
At the bloodshed. 

Is it fair 
That people starve, 
Waste away, 
Thin, neglected? 

Don't you feel fury 
At the mess in the world? 
A mess that we 

Is it right 
That our planet is dying, 
Choking, burning, frying? 

Don't you feel nervous 
At the time we are wasting, 
Stalling, standing, 

We should scream, 
Raise our voice, 
We do have a choice, 
Act now, 
Or destroy ourselves. 

Image: Google.

*This poem was written when I was about 14. I rediscovered it earlier today, and have left it as originally written.


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