Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I Beg to Differ...! (Mini Rant)

Just saw something which said, 'Just because I'm a Tory, doesn't make me a Twat'.

Let's put it this way.

If you voted Tory, you voted for policies which have caused the death of thousands of disabled and ill people, the vilification, further suffering, and destitution of more.

You voted for a rise in homelessness, a million people now relying on foodbanks, policies which have destroyed (and not replaced), social housing.

You voted for cuts in vital services, and social security.

You voted for the lies and hate spread on a daily basis - and what's more, you likely believe they are the truth, and that things like this have to be done.

You voted for the privatisation of the NHS, and all these other policies which put money, -corporate and personal greed, ahead of people!

'Just because I'm a Tory, doesn't make me a Twat'...

I beg to differ!

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