Monday, 7 March 2016

Britain Today

'Workfare is Slavery'
That's left-wing bleating
Malicious lies
That you WON'T be repeating!

Even though we make work for sh*t,
We'll alter the paperwork 
So you can't prove it!

Disabled people wrongly assessed
We'll slander and bash you
Til you can't take the stress;
If you kill yourselves in desperation,
We'll hide your suicides from the nation!

While you choose between heating and eating
We'll help the bankers dig their heels in.
Sick people sorry, you lose DLA
If you dare leave home for a day.
Papers and TV buy figures fiddled,
They're all scroungers, and you're all being diddled!'
Disability hate crime is on the rise,
We'll look helpful and act surprised.

Look, those ministers say they speak for you,
But don’t turn your back,
They’ll stab you too!
Don't blame us please,
There's no money,
Send millionaire ministers somewhere sunny!

It's not our fault you know
Britain today
We'll just deny everything
It's the only way...

(Image: Google)


1 comment:

  1. This poem is one of your best efforts, an absolutely brilliant analysis of the welfare crisis for Britain's sick and disabled.