Saturday, 19 March 2016

Iain Duncan Smith Resigns - My Response

I'm actually very angry now - because by resigning, Iain Duncan Smith gets away with EVERYTHING!

The sheer HELL he's put us through, - lies, psychological torture!

By resigning there will be little come-back, short of criminal investigations -(which let's be honest, aren't going to happen).

The minute he resigned I knew he was going to pass the buck and lie through his teeth about his reasons.

Don't for one single second believe that he has a conscience.  

Six years of lies, spin, vilification through 'scrounger rhetoric' and doctored figures. Six years of misery, anxiety, thousands and thousands of deaths, and his blatant disregard for the rule of law, - and he's pretending he cares, now?!

He makes me sick!

I've suffered nightmares due to his policies - (fear of Work Compatibility Assessment). I've been terrified in my own home! I still am, and I will be until these policies which have punished and terrified disabled and ill people for six years are stopped!

I'm luckier than a lot of people, - I have support -but it doesn't stop me being terrified.

Cerebral Palsy doesn't improve. In fact I've deteriorated and will continue to do so, as a result of wear and tear on my body - but I still have to face the Work Compatibility Assessment, and it terrifies me.

Being labelled a 'scrounger' by the government and the complicit mainstream media, has added to my lifelong battle with depression, destroyed what self esteem I had built up, and left me feeling anxious.

He doesn't care about any of that. He doesn't care that he has inflicted six years of cuts. Thousands of disabled and ill people are DEAD as a result. When has he shown compassion about that? When did he put things in place to change the devastating policies that are destroying so many lives?!

He didn't.

Friends say that he cares about 'social justice' and 'protecting the poor' .

I spat out my tea when I heard that this morning!

Is forcing people out of their homes because of Bedroom Tax 'social justice'?!

Is stripping dying people of vital social security, social justice?!

Is the fact that people have been stripped of their only income and have to rely on food banks, social justice?

Is labelling disabled and ill people 'scroungers' and stripping them of vital support, independence and dignity 'social justice'?!

I think not - and it certainly isn't 'protecting the poorest' either is it?!

He hasn't done this because the latest cuts are 'a step too far'! He is done this for himself, and his own agenda.

It's an effective way to destabilise the government prior to the EU referendum, and it's an effective way to stab George Osborne in the back.

He thought up the policies which have destroyed the lives of disabled and ill people. HE did! Blaming the treasury is a way of passing the buck - and with the assistance of much of the mainstream media, he might well get away with it.

As for celebrating the end of his 'reign of terror' - many people are. There is precious little to celebrate for disabled and ill people since 2010, so who would begrudge us this?

As for me, I'll be celebrating when I know I don't have to face the WCA, when the devastating policies are stopped, and when I can feel safe and a wanted part of society again.

I'll be celebrating the day this government goes!

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  1. I feel exactly the same way Helen. I have nightmares too, anxiety attacks and my mental health has been affected so badly I'm waiting to see a therapist. I have been depressed (& on antidepressants) before, but this is much worse. I have never lived with such fear before, every time the postman comes or the phone rings I get very anxious. I have developed what I can only describe as 'ticks' or compulsive movements associated with the anxiety, which has never happened to me before.

    All in all that man and this government have had a very profound negative effect on me. They have made my health worse and, had it not been for my fiancé and daughter along with a couple of awesomely supportive friends, they would have cost me my life ... I really have been that deep in the pit.

  2. Beuatifully put, as always, Helen. He has resigned only to dodge the coming shit-storm regarding the Universal Credit omni-shambles and the possibility of the UN charging him with Human Rights Abuses. His resignation MUST NOT allow him to get away with his crimes. Keep up the good work, Honey!

  3. I'm with you there Helen 100%. It is incredulous that the press are swallowing his 'compassionate man' crap! The man is a psychopath. It's not just a label I am hanging on him, he meets damn near every criteria to be diagnosed as such. And as a psychopath he hasn't any empathy, no conscience and you and I don't rate on his radar, unless it's to step on us. Developed a conscience my backside! You can bet your sweet butt that the reason he has resigned in the way he has done so will benefit but one person, HIM!

    I pray that the sheeple don't fall for this bullshit, but sadly, judging by the last six years, I suspect they already have. No doubt they will be in the pub telling each other what a bloody good bloke he is! We know the truth, but whether he will ever pay for the misery he has inflicted on thousands of us, the anxiety, the stress and the deaths, well that's to be decided in the future, but I sincerely doubt it

  4. Well said. I don't think that many people are fooled by what he's saying and, like you, I am sickened that he will 'get away with it' and that the next person will be just as awful. I am glad that he's gone but I am too angry and appalled by all that he has done to be truly happy. Strength and solidarity to us all.

  5. He is a disgusting person don't fall for it there's another agenda he's not suddenly turned nice I'm with you all he mustn't get away with it

  6. If it helps, Helen, as a perfectly able-bodied Scot who was unaffected by IDS's actions, (I live in Japan,) I thoughts everything you say above in the first two minutes after I heard the news.

    It also occurred to me that last week he was forced to disclose the figures he'd been trying to hide, which show how many people died of hunger, cold and suicide after their assessments found them 'fit for work'.

    Just for that, maybe he's bailing before a European inquiry puts his name at the top of a conspiracy to quietly massacre the poor. The 30 pound cut just gave him the excuse to do so.

    "Conscience???" I too, spat out my coffee.

  7. Definition of Sociopath as Qouted from the Oxford Dictionary: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.
    In other words Iain Duncan Smith.

  8. Brilliantly put Helen. This monster MUST NOT be allowed to get away with anything. Neither should any of them

  9. Well said Helen.
    IDS will not be able to hide the atrocities and the human consequences of them for long. I have been the lead researcher in the UK regarding the background to the WCA for over 6 years and my book: 'Cash Not Care ~ the planned demolition of the UK welfare state' will be published later this year. It makes harrowing reading, it has endorsements from academics and the disabled community and the Cabinet Office actually attempted to persuade me to stop the research. This is the evidence the government don't want you to know, and you'll get access to it all very soon. Mo x

  10. Helen , I agree with you 100% .The reality for you & I plus a few million others in this plagued country is to deliver the evil reality of this man to those who are not disabled.
    You have the words of passion . I would like to try to be your messenger if possible.