Sunday, 3 April 2016

Queen of New York City

I was supposed to be Queen Though I work in a coffee shop, I’ll add extra sugar and put sprinkles on top! They threw me out, 
I was not what I was meant to be, I called for abolition of the monarchy! They wanted someone to wear gowns with a tiara Not flannelette Pyjamas And smudged mascara! I don’t want round the world trips To smile and shake hands I’ll take unplanned road trips in the back of a van! They wanted someone quiet and apolitical Turn up, make speeches Thoughtless, hypocritical! I’d have to marry elite, Keep the bloodline pure, Forget ‘who brought me home?’ I’m not really sure! I don’t want to be a rich bitch I would always say things I shouldn’t, I’d rather give up the throne Than be something I couldn’t.

(Image: 'Pinterest)'

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