Sunday, 10 April 2016

Spring Harvest...!

'What are you doing in there'?
'Attempting to shave my legs!'
'I see. See you in three hours then'!

(As usual though, I had to ask him for help in the end.Having Cerebral Palsy and being unable to walk or stand unaided means I need help with things that able-bodied people can take for granted).

The thing is, I've never understood how 'real' women shave their legs! I can manage most of it, granted, but the backs -almost impossible even with a mirror. I think you have to be a fully trained acrobat to get anywhere!

The 'real' woman thing makes hubby quite cross. I find myself using the term more often than I should, but the brutal fact is, often I don't feel like I am one.

I listen to your everyday woman complaining about their kids. - (I can't have any), the amount of housework, (I do as much as I can, but can't manage a lot of it -not without being absolutely exhausted afterwards, -if I can manage it at all), queues at the supermarket, (supermarkets are a novelty for me because I so rarely go), make-up (I don't wear any. Such an unnecessary thing -even if I could apply mascara without my hands shaking).
All these things make me feel like a failure in the 'woman' stakes!

Sure, I've got all the feminist ideas and I TRULY believe that you don't need to measure up to these stereotypes -mostly.

Hubby says 'stop all this 'real' business. You're more real and true to yourself than those who walk down the street caked in make -up'. He also says I don't need it anyway, (I paid him to say that)! tongue emoticon
But you see, I envy women who CAN wear high heels and a short skirt. If I wear a short dress my splints are visible and people stare -even though they pretend not to! Some days I think 'yeah, whatever! You stare away love' and I feel confident enough to wear a short dress in public.

Of course I wear them at home - because I don't wear the splints if I'm not wearing shoes. Hubby says I've got 'great legs'. He's lying! I used to have better legs than I do now. The endo and PCOS has made me gain a bit of weight - and I will forever be grateful that hubby doesn't even think about my scars. They're barely visible now, but that's besides the point!

The fact is, men can be shallow (as can women, I know) - but men judge more on appearances than women do. It's biology!
Hubby says, 'I didn't fall in love with you to do my housework! I fell in love with you for YOU. Your difficulties are a part of you but they AREN'T you'!

I fell on my feet when I met him, because he sees all my many flaws, and loves me anyway. He even thinks I look good first thing in the morning! I know, he's a 'keeper'!

I love him too - so very, very much.

(He'll hate the fact I've mentioned him in this blog, too. Ooops)!

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  1. i too have CP and can relate to everything said here. I tend to make the best of a bad job and when younger would wear very flamboyant clothes (well if people were going to look at me i might as well give them something to look at eh?? haha)

  2. I am not as smart as you Helen on the internet. I now have a Google account. Trying to communicate with U, life is not that simply for all of us on the internet. Do you understand ?
    Luv WWWW.