Friday, 27 June 2014

Mr Fox (Poem - 2013) AKA 'WE Buy the Papers'

Mr Fox is on the prowl again
He’s been rooting through the neighbour’s bins
To find himself a tasty treat,
A juicy morsel he can eat,
Tomorrow morning to her rage,
It’s regurgitated over the page.

Mr Fox I see his eyes are bright,
He wonders what he’ll find tonight,
In daylight he will hide his mirth,
‘Til he finds out what a picture’s worth.

But the stars you know, they question why
Mr Fox and Co will cheat and lie,
For years it seems their phones were hacked,
They were angry when the fox attacked.

For fame and wealth anonymity was traded,
Now they’re shocked to find their lives invaded,
Mr Fox you see he’ll always win,
While the public feed on celebrities’sin


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