Thursday, 19 June 2014

Simplicity (Poem - 2011)

I don't need jewellery or a flashy car 
I need things that are more befitting of me. 
I need endless paper and pens, 
With cups of steaming tea. 

 My wedding ring is a plain silver band, 
No diamonds or flashy brightness, 
For as long as I can hold your hand, 
I will bask in its rightness. 

I don't want lots of money or the latest thing, 
I just want time to read my books, 
And a space 
Where I can sing. 

I don't need craziness and chaos 
Or a life of screaming kids, 
I am happy when the sun goes down, 
And we are all there is. 

Our house isn't massive, 
It doesn't have to be pristine, 
It's cosy and loved and you are there, 
So I am living my dream. 


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