Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Only then... (A Mini Blog)

Usually, I wouldn't wish disability, illness, pain, or struggle, on ANYONE. 
However, this government are an entirely different story! 

I want them to have their lives ripped to shreds, and then to feel so much pain, that they can barely move...!

After that, I want nearly every media outlet or publication in the country to ram down their throats, what worthless, useless, 'scroungers' they are,ahem....saying nothing!

I want them to be viewed with doubt and suspicion, for even daring to try and try to live the best life that they can. Maybe at that point, they will begin to doubt themselves like we have been made to.

I want them to be called 'scrounging scum' in the street, and then they should gradually lose every bit of dignity, self respect and independence, they have ever fought for - all because some heartless, evil policy says they should!

Only then, would those people ever have the slightest idea what they have put the disabled, ill, and vulnerable people of this country through!


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