Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Remember What the Truth Is... (A Facebook Status, Shared).

Oh great! It's another one of those 'Is your neighbour committing benefit fraud' campaigns!
This means more accusations of, 'x can't be disabled/ill. I saw them....!'

Helen xx

'You can't be ill, I saw you OUTSIDE, SMILING!'
As this is another attempt by the government to plant doubt and suspicion in people's minds, can I please remind people, that not every disability or illness is visible, and even people who feel horrible on the inside, manage to smile?!
Don't make snap judgements, because it can lead to a hell of a lot of trouble, which is exactly what the government wants.
The Tories have always hated the Welfare state. They want it, gone.
They want to spread doubt and hatred, which will ultimately divide people. It's already happening!
They want to justify cutting that support. If you've been my Facebook friend, or my 'real life' friend, for at least four years, (assuming you have paid attention), you will know what happens, (and is happening), when vital support is ripped away.
Vulnerable people suffer, and die.
I'm not saying there aren't fraudsters. What I'm saying, is that they are a very small percentage, compared to the numbers you have been lead to believe.
Remember what the TRUTH is. This government has an ideology that they want to serve.
That ideology, is hurting, and causing the deaths of people, who are struggling already. Now they, (we), have to fight for our lives, too.
All I'm asking, please, is that you keep an open mind. Every 'scrounger' that this government tells you to hate, is a person, with a life - and feelings, which are being hurt.
Nobody chooses disability, or illness, and nobody chooses to have heartbreaking limitations placed on their lives. Please, please, remember that, and remember, too, that this can happen to ANYONE!


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