Monday, 27 October 2014

Think About It...This is Everyone's Problem! (A Short Blog Post)

You know what really annoys me?...(Several things, actually, but this is what annoys me, most)!

We shouldn't be the only ones fighting to save the welfare state! No one is immune from potentially needing it!

What's happening here, isn't just a problem for us, it's a problem for future generations, and it's a problem, for those who are arrogant enough to think that they would never need it!

Everyone should be helping us!

Everyone, (with any compassion, or understanding, at all), should be supporting us, as we try to raise awareness of the fact that vulnerable people, are suffering and DYING, under this government!

We aren't just doing this for ourselves. We are doing it for YOUR children, and grandchildren, and ANYONE, who just might need a bit of help one day!

No one is immune from disability,illness, or unemployment. Lives can change, (forever), in just a split second!

Please, don't think that what's happening here, is 'nothing to do with you', 'not your problem', or that it has 'no impact on your life'. It impacts on everyone!

I'm not sure either, that I would want to be one of the people, who turn a blind eye, while disabled,ill, and vulnerable people fight for their lives!

It may seem harsh, but that is the truth of what's happening here. In years to come, people will wonder, how this was allowed to happen? How did we allow people to suffer, (and often, die), under these 'reforms?!'

Please, don't be one of those people, who doesn't even think about it.

...And just to back up what I've said, as I type this, I know of someone, who has begged me, to send them tins of food, because they have nothing!
Is it any wonder, we're angry and hurt?! This, should not be happening, anywhere, - ever! 
Least of all here, in a rich country, -and YES, we are rich, despite what this government would have you believe!
We should be able to feed, and care for people, who need it. Before you believe all the coalition's 'scrounger rhetoric', please, think about it, and remember that we, are people.

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  1. You really hit the nail on the head. I developed disabilities as an adult, so when you write "No one is immune from disability,illness, or unemployment. Lives can change, (forever), in just a split second!" it feels very familiar.

    I have lots I want to say on this, but can't find the words. I am grateful for people who speak up for us all. Thank you.