Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Response to my MP -(RE: NHS Amendments and Powers Bill)

Dear Mr Rees-Mogg

Thank you for your letter, dated 2nd December, informing me that you were not in parliament to vote against the government's plans for the NHS, and that had you been able to attend, you would have voted in favour of proposals.

Given that you are a Tory, I cannot say I was surprised to hear of your position!

Thank you, also, for informing me that we have one of the best rated 'Circle' hospitals nearby, at Peasedown St John.

Whilst I am aware that they carry out NHS procedures, I wish to point out that should government 'amendments' be passed (at the second stage), the NHS, will suffer greatly - as no doubt, you are already aware!

I also wish to point out, that not everyone can (or will be able to) afford private medicine, and thus, you would be creating a two tier system - with yet more inequality between those that have the money to pay, and those that don't.

Eventually, despite Tories professing otherwise, it is your goal, to fully privatise the NHS - and create an American style healthcare system, - in fact, we know that the wheels are already in motion for that to happen. Your party, just doesn't think anyone will notice, if it's done slowly, and behind closed doors!

Personally, I feel that the idea of privatised medicine, is rather heartless, and elitist. Also, the very idea, puts profits before people's needs. Once again, I am not surprised by this, as it only goes to prove that heartless, and cruel Tory ideology is the order of the day!

I wish to inform you, that, (as if you didn't already know), your party do not have the interests of the general population at heart, (despite frequent claims to the contrary)!

I hope, that in May 2015, the people of Bath and North East Somerset, and Britain as a whole, will finally realise, the harm that has been done, (and will be done), should they choose to re-elect you.

Yours Sincerely
Helen Sims
Disability Rights Campaigner


  1. Well done on keeping polite when talking to such people - don't think I could control my anger. Also I hope you keep on reminding Tories what they are.

  2. I totally agree with you. Receive similar letters from my MP who votes in line with party policy. Forgets he represents constituents. Hoping we can replace him with our independent candidate who lost seat at last election. Dr Taylor was our MP for two terms and did a brilliant job. Saved a lot at our local hospital that was downgraded by Labour.