Monday, 1 December 2014

Hic Choo! (Children's Poem - 2003)

A germ is cunning,
My nose is running,
He's got me through and through,
It's your fault,
It really is,
I caught him from you!

My head is spinning,
The germ is winning,
I've taken to my bed,
I wish that it would leave me alone,
And bother someone else

My body aches,
I've got the shakes,
This germ has a hold you see,
I'm lying here,
With tissues near,
Oh why is it always me?!

I can't fight off
The terrible cough,
The germ is gripping me,
I hope that soon
He will pack his bags,
And leave me to be free!

My throat's stopped burning,
And head's stopped turning,
He has finally moved out,
I'm back drinking tea,
Feeling more like me,
It's so nice to be up and about!

My nose has unblocked,
My chest is unlocked,
And now I smile again,
The germ of course,
Is still in my thoughts,
Though he has gone away.
I know that it's bad,
But I am glad,
He's found somewhere else to stay!

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