Sunday, 22 September 2013

Beautiful Music (Poem) 2009

Notes pierce the darkness 
Someone plays, 
In beautiful music, 
A memory stays. 

In eerie gloom 
I stand and wait, 
Minutes are agony, 
You are always late 

In stifling darkness 
I sit alone, 
And stare into flames, 
You will never 
Come home. 

Valentine's roses, 
A heart of red, 
Wasted and withering, 
Are dead. 

As daylight breaks 
Shards of light, 
Dance through the window, 
And end the night. 

Crumpled dress 
Lies on the floor, 
Tear stained eyes, 
Still stare at the door. 

Beside the window, 
Your piano stands, 
I will always remember 
Your talented hands. 

Notes pierce my darkness, 
Forever you'll play, 
Through beautiful music, 
Our love, 
Will stay 

                                               (Image Google)

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