Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Best Friend (Poem 2012)

She is the girl
Everyone wanted to be,
It has always been her,
And never been me.

Blonde and blue eyed,
It's no surprise,
That all the men
Look at her twice.

Luscious long hair
Hangs round her face,
Not even an eyelash
Falls out of place.

Infectious laughter
And radiant smile,
Leave both the men
And the women beguiled.

As for boobs,
Seems she got my share,
Surprised she can walk,
With the weight of her pair!

“Hello,” ignore me,
Just the ugly friend,
Always the strong one,
On which she depends.

Males absorbed
By her model pout,
Or it could just be
That her butt's hanging out!

I know she is perfect,
I hear the applause,
Let me wait here,
And sharpen my claws.

You know I love her,
But I'm down on my knees,
She's driven me crazy,
So just slap her please!   

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