Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Man in the Moon (Poem 2009)

I watch from the warmth 
Of my bed, 
His light bathes my face, 
And I know I can never 
Touch him. 

Sometimes he seems 
Close to me, 
And lives 
In the perfect ball. 

Other times 
He turns his light away, 
Or softly changes 

He watches over me 
In slumber, 
A beautiful 
Protective glow. 

In dreams I am with him, 
We exist side by side, 
And I am his comfort, 
Just as he 
Is mine. 

As the sun rises, 
He kisses my cheek, 
Whispering gently, 

"Wake my love, 
And I'll return 

Photo: Paul Jones

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