Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dear Mr Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

Using your (dead) disabled child, to score political points, is disgusting, and the fact that your government has inflicted untold misery,pain, and DEATH on disabled people, for the last five years, makes it doubly sick!

You are a vile, despicable, heartless, out of touch, slimy, arrogant, excuse for a human being, and I LOATHE YOU!

Anybody who votes for a man like you, heading a party, with such a cruel, and callous agenda, needs their head read!

You have destroyed the lives of thousands of disabled people, and what is even more concerning is that you have vilified us, in the eyes of society, by labelling us as 'scroungers'.
You have no idea how damaging and hurtful that is. It has eroded self esteem, and dented any confidence, I was building up!

My Cerebral Palsy is not a choice. Any form of disability, or illness, is not a choice, yet we are being punished by your government for being disabled! I did not choose to be in pain. and tired. I did not choose not to be able to walk or stand, unaided. I would give anything to change it, but I can't! 

Your government has made my life harder, and I feel that I have to justify my existence. My anxiety and depression has been made worse, by government (and media), use of 'scrounger' rhetoric, and I want it to stop. Please. 

I'm sick of feeling frightened.

Disabled and ill people just want to live as 'normal' a life as we can, have independence,dignity, security. and self respect. We used to be seen as people, but I don't feel we are now. You have taken that from us!

You have closed the Independent Living Fund, leaving thousands of people without treasured independence. and support. Cuts to services have been equally damaging.Fear of the Work Compatibility Assessment, gives me nightmares, and I jump at the sound of the letterbox, -just in case it's my turn.

Your cuts to vital social security, has lead to devastation and death, for thousands of us, and there can be no justifiable excuse for that, EVER!No one, should be living in fear, at the hands of their government Disabled and ill people deserve better.

Yours sincerely



*This is my opinion and what I believe to be true, at the time of writing 


  1. Hi Helen! I'm a MSc student at the Oxford Internet Institute. I'm researching the impact of government surveillance on the willingness to use the Internet (and various Internet tools) among people living with disabilities in the UK. I found your blog through twitter today and I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how powerful it is. I think you have an incredible writing style and some very interesting insights. I am wondering if you would be available for an interview for my project sometime in the coming weeks. It shouldn't take more than an hour of your time and I would be really grateful to document your political perspective. All the best, Ellie Marshall (ellie.marshall@oii.ox.ac.uk)

  2. Hi Ellie! Yes, of course. I'll email you. :-)