Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Power of My Pen - (AKA 'Me, to a Tea)'

I get angry when characters don’t work,
Wasted time drives this writer berserk!
More screwed up paper is tossed in the bin
Frustration is the demon within!

I’m working hard here to make you all laugh,
Send IDS, and I might have to barf!
I’ll tell you loudly that Cameron’s an ass,
Might even sing if you fill up my glass!

Save yourselves please and don’t mention ‘The Clegg’
I’ll start on betrayal and ‘pulling of legs’!
Spare me his face, I’m not in the mood,
If Cameron’s there too then I’ll be really rude!

They can go sit in those ivory towers
While the people below them struggle for hours!
Disability came and it robbed our choices
Now they trample on us and don’t hear our voices!

Where was I? Oh yes, with my paper and pen
Just for a minute I got distracted then!
You tell me breathe deeply and try to stay calm,
I’m afraid I won’t do that, while people do harm.

You see I can’t stop caring and won’t stop sharing,
Like I’m bothered if you don’t agree!
If I just sip my cup, keep my mouth shut and give up
Then I’d be betraying me.

So what? I don’t walk well and I can’t have a job,
But don’t think I will sit here, be docile, and sob!
Offer me tea and find you needn’t ask twice,
If you give me chocolate, I’ll be really nice!

Just for a second while I cave to the rush,
Don’t think my resistance will ever be crushed!
Wait one moment, I’m distracted again
But never underestimate the power of my pen...


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