Friday, 24 April 2015

Things/People I am Avoiding - (A Bit of Fun, or is it)?

 A bit of fun. Written to relieve the ever building (pre election)  tension that is building in me, and most other campaigners.
My personal list of things, and people I intend to avoid, for at least the next month, or several! 

It is based on my opinions only, and not meant to cause offence!

I will be avoiding:

Polling reports (if you read them, please remember to look into who funded them, before you believe what they tell you).

Party Political Broadcasts

Jeremy Clarkson

Anything to do with the royal baby. I am really NOT interested...


Election Leaflets

People who shout 'vote Tory/UKIP/Labour' at me. (I will vote for who I like thank you, and you just sound desperate)!

Iain Duncan Smith/David Cameron - because I can't handle any more lies, and spin. All I can think about when I see them, is the anxiety,pain, and death their policies have inflicted on disabled people.

A certain Deputy Prime Minister (who thinks appearing on 'The Last Leg' will help him appeal to voters! -BULLSHIT BUTTON)!

It won't help. People don't trust you, or your party, and we also know that despite what you claim, your party has not 'protected disabled people from cuts'. Your party voted them IN! 

Boris Johnson - (If he ever gets anywhere number ten, I'm leaving the country)!

People who say 'I don't get it! What's wrong with this government, exactly'? - (I haven't got a spare TEN YEARS to tell you, and if you don't know already, you clearly don't know me well enough to be asking)!

Mainstream media political 'debates' (because they aren't 'debates' - I think the questions are chosen, as is the audience, so fair and balanced, they are NOT)!

- In short, I am 'electioned out', and have a horrible feeling that nothing is going to change.
I am considering undertaking some sort of hibernation, or cryogenic freezing, until the world is a better place to be. xx



  1. I'm with you 100% Helen...... :)

  2. Well said Helen, with you all the way! Am annoyed at myself for being so obsessive, so that as well as campaigning against the cuts to disabled people locally and sometimes nationally, with DPAC, I watch some mainstream news and politics. But to be fair to me, sometimes it's alreay on the TV by another household member, who is up earlier than me! Of course there's the social media and online articles too, so the obsessiveness comes out with that too. I will try to keep campaigning locally, when I feel able to, the grassroots as I like to call it, we have a relatively thriving Claimants Union, we help people who have been sanctioned and are getting supermarkets and wholesalers locally to donate edible food, that they otherwise throw out. I'm passionate about that as we all need to eat and for people to have to go without food in a wealthy country, in the 21st Century, is a disgrace. The problem is that all of this is political in it's own way and I don't see things changing anytime sson,as it will be the "new normal". I do feel very worried and negative for the future for myself and many of us, but I suppose the thing to do will be to try to keep away from much mainstream news and politics, not just now, but in the future?!