Monday, 17 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn - Hope Matters!

I'm not expecting a 'Corbyn miracle'. I don't for one second think he's going to solve all our problems,and he's going to face all sorts of nastiness if he's elected.

What I think is, that he has brought a little bit more hope than we had. If elected,he will challenge things, and bring attention to the issues, that have previously been hidden or ignored.

We have to be realistic about what he can do, aswell as what he'll come up against.
There will be attempts from the more Blairite side of the party, to get him out. He is saying things they don't want said. He is 'old' Labour. That is, values,principles, equality, and fairness.

He's not taking the centre ground, and thus trying to please everyone. He knows it won't work. If it did,Labour would've won the election,wouldn't they?
He's doing and saying what Labour SHOULD have been saying all along, and because of that,he's reaching people.

He hasn't indulged in sniping or scheming or public slanging matches. I think he's aware that those things are what has turned people off politics.
People want honesty, straight talking, and someone who they can connect with.
Rich,elitist,out of touch politicians have alienated people. Maybe he'll go some way to changing that.

Even if it doesn't last, he has proved that people really do want an alternative, (which is contrary to what the Tories are saying), and that there is one.

I try to stay impartial, but I think (at least) it's a step in the right direction.

I've heard people say, 'But he's a politician! He'll probably turn out to be just like the rest'!
Call me naïve, but I don't think so, and anyway, if there's the slightest chance he can raise awareness of the anxiety, misery, hardship,lies, pain, and death, this government has inflicted on disabled and ill people, as well as low earners,poorer families, and others who need a bit of help, isn't he a chance worth taking?



  1. Indeed he IS a chance worth taking, Helen. Well said and here's hoping!

  2. So true beautifully written has usual. Take care

  3. hi, i am shlomo anker from twitter. i like your style. its hard for so many, espeically when young be political when the media bully us for supporting corbyn so your positibe words are great Helen!!!