Friday, 14 August 2015

The Little Poems - and Other Things!

For some time now I've been writing some 'mini poems', and with the help some friends, putting them on an image.

Granted, some of them are older ones that I wanted to give a fresh lease of life, but there are a few new ones too.

Poems or writing with an image, (a meme, I guess), are much easier to share on social networks and they get a message across quicker than a blog post, (which is frustrating when you spend ages writing a piece, and an image is the thing that gets 'shared' most) but that's the way it is now.

The memes I share here will vary from campaign related ones, -(the 'I Am Helen' photo for example, which you can also find elsewhere on this blog), to poems, and others that my friends have done for me, based on a tweet.

I will also include a link to my 'Hell's Tells' (#helenswriting) 'Pinterest' board. I will do my best to keep this page updated with anything more 'little things' as they happen!

If you know me at all, you will know that this post, (this blog, actually) isn't about ego, it's about raising awareness of disability as well as allowing me to focus on the things I can do, rather than all the things I can't.

Lately I've been feeling frustrated about the way things work within campaigning and I've been been feeling quite low in myself, as well, so I thought this would be something different to do. Hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together, - and thanks to everyone who has helped me with the images, because I'm clueless with those!

'I Am Helen' - based on a tweet.

A meme of my poem 'I Am Freedom'...

The first of my 'little poems' - 'What Matters'

Another mini poem: (Standing up for myself) - 'I am Not a Puppet!'

Here's another meme a friend did for me, based on a tweet. A nice surprise!

A meme of my 'The Rose' poem. (I think this is actually the first one done)

I wish I was better with techy stuff, and then I'd be able to do a few myself, for fun!

I know there are a few missing! I'll add them when I can find them again!

Lastly as promised, here is a link to the 'Hell's Tells' 'Pinterest' page, (which isn't as up to date as I'd like it to be) - I get so tired, but Pinterest is fun, and I think I'm getting a bit addicted! It's a bit like any other social network, - you log on for ten minutes, and you're there for the next ten years! (In my case, pain and health allowing, of course)! Anyway, here it is:


Before I go, here's a little poem that hasn't been put up as a meme yet, if it ever will be. I thought I'd share it early:

'I live in shadows
You only see me,
As light shines,randomly.
In darkness deep
A dreamless sleep
So you decide,what's real'?

Thank you for reading, and for being so good to me.

Lots of love,



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