Sunday, 2 August 2015

Stealing From Others -(A Very Mini Blog)!

I've just been told (once again), that because I have a disability and can't work, I'm 'stealing from others'! It's not the first time I have been labelled a 'scrounger' or something of that ilk. It won't be the last.

This is the type of abuse we have to deal with nowadays, and it really hurts. Haven't I been through enough?

Can I just point out, that disabled and ill people pay to live in society just like everyone else!

We are not getting 'something for nothing!'

Could I also just point out, that I didn't choose my disability,(Cerebral Palsy),my pain, or limitations. I would change it in a heartbeat if I could!

Lastly I spend my life, helping others, and dealing with this crap from people that don't know me, but judge me anyway!

I'd much rather have a 'normal' nine to five job, where I don't get abuse, and people actually value and respect the job I do!

This is SHIT, and anyone who thinks we would put up with being treated like scum, (if we had any other choice), is deluded!

Please, wake up people, because we don't deserve this!